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As of: 15 October 2014

1. REFERENCE: San Diego Unified School District JROTC SOPdated AUG 2006.

2. PURPOSE. This Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)details what the organization expects from Cadets for promotion to higher cadetgrade.

3. SCOPE. This SOP covers all Cadet enlisted and Cadet officerpromotions.

4. GENERAL. Cadets are selected for promotion basedmeeting promotion prerequisites and their performance at a Promotion Test orBoard. A key promotion prerequisite forall ranks are recommendations from their chain of command. Senior ranks require recommendations fromtheir academic teachers. Recommendations for promotion are based upon academic standing, currentskills, and their capacity to assume greater duties and responsibility. Promotion Test/Board requirements for allranks include: 1) Uniform Inspection, 2) Cadet Knowledge, and 3) IndividualDrill.


a. Cadets. Cadets are required to meet promotionprerequisites, learn the skills requisite for the higher rank, and pass aPromotion Test or Board for that higher rank.

b. CadetSenior Staff. Selected Cadets prepareand run Knowledge and Drill Stations during Promotion Boards. Senior Cadet Staff Officers are members ofthe Officer Promotion Board.

c. Cadre. Army Instructors prepare promotion tests,assign duties, and administer promotion testing and the Officer PromotionBoard.


a. CadetPrivate First Class (c/PFC) and Cadet Corporal (c/CPL). Current rank of c/PVT for promotion to c/PFCand current rank of c/PFC for promotion to c/CPL. Cadet Platoon Sergeant and Cadet PlatoonLeader recommendations. GPA of 2.0 orabove from the last quarter or semester report.

b. CadetSergeant (c/SGT) and Cadet Staff Sergeant (c/SSG).

(1) Currentrank of c/CPL for promotion to c/SGT and current rank of c/SGT for promotion toc/SSG.

(2) Meetprerequisites of c/CPL.

(3) Merits. Merits in excess of 100.

(4) Academic.Maintain a 2.0 GPA within their schools and a 3.0 JROTC GPA.

(5) JROTC Teams. LET 1s must have participated in at least oneJROTC team (Drill Teams, Best Drilled Individual, Color Guard, Honor Guard,etc.). LET II and above must haveparticipated in at least two teams during periods of enrollment.

(6) Learn,Educate, Train level 1 (LET 1) second semester or above.

c. CadetSergeant First Class (c/SFC) through c/Command Sergeant Major (CSM).

(1) Currentrank of c/SSG for promotion to c/SFC and current rank of c/SFC for promotion toc/MSG or c/CSM.

(2) Meetprerequisites of c/SSG.

(3) Recommendation. Army Instructor and Senior Army Instructorrecommendations.

(4) Merits. Merits in excess of 100.

(5) Academic. Maintain a 2.25 GPA within their schools anda 3.0 JROTC GPA.

(6) LET2 or above.

d. OfficerRanks.

(1) Currentrank of c/SGT or above.

(2) Meetprerequisites of c/SSG.

(3) Demonstratedability to correctly march a platoon.

(4) LET2, second semester or above for promotion up to Captain. LET 3 first semester or above for promotionto Major. LET 3 second semester forpromotion to Lieutenant Colonel.

(5) Selectedfor or occupying an officer position.

(6) Completedofficer application.


a. CadetPrivate First Class (c/PFC).

(1) Wearof the Uniform.

(2) Stationaryand Facing Movements.

(3) BasicCadet Knowledge.

b. CadetCorporal (c/CPL).

(1) C/PFCRequirements.

(2) IntermediateCadet Knowledge.

(3) IndividualDrill with Arms.

c. CadetSergeant (c/SGT).

(1) C/CPLRequirements.

(2) SquadDrill.

d. CadetStaff Sergeant (c/SSG) through Cadet Command Sergeant Major (c/CSM).

(1) C/SGTRequirements.

(2) PlatoonDrill.

(3) AdvancedCadet Knowledge.

e. CadetSecond Lieutenant (c/2LT).

(1) C/SSGRequirements.

(2) Achievea minimum of 70 points on Cadet Officer Promotion Worksheet.

(3) AdvancedCadet Knowledge. Officer applicants mustdemonstrate appropriate knowledge of leadership theory and application, foundationsfor success, situational exercises, and current events.

(4) Selectedabove the cut-off line on the Order of Merit List (OML).

(5) AllCadets selected for officer promotion will receive the rank of c/2LT. C/2LTs will be selected for higher rank basedupon demonstrated skills, experience, position, and potential.


1. Promotion Score Sheet

2. C/PFC Promotion Guide

3. C/CPL and above Promotion Guide

4. Cadet Officer Promotion Application

5. Cadet Officer Promotion Guide

Lars K. Staack

Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Army (Retired)
Senior Army Instructor

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